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​UPC Inc has 3 businesses that all tie into one another.

We Buy and Sell High End Semiconductor equipment and deliver it to the open market. When we rebuild the Equipment we are responsible for tearing it down and clean the entire machine.

This involves Co2 cleaning and powder coating AZ in. We care about image, and repeatability of a quality product.

In the auto powder coating industry we apply quick turnaround time, 24 hour shifts 7 days a week coverage. That way your never having to wait for your product. We have vast colors to choose from only using the best quality brands. We have a excellent staff that has more than 10 years experience in the powder coating industy.

Our 3rd Industry is a going Green Technology. The days of solvents and degreasers and caustic are being phased out. We provide this service mobile, and in - house. So we can come to your place of business and clean your equipment and products.

The industries we provide this service to are:




Commercial and residential properties

Pool tile


Plastic injection molding

and many more.

Come in today, or call us, for an expert custom powder coat.
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